The next phase of BHER programs following the certificate and diploma are its undergraduate degrees. In consultation with the local communities and partner university institutions’ governance in Kenya and Canada, the BHER consortium developed its degree programs so that they would be more accessible and responsive to local needs by eliminating fees and creating a unique student body comprised of both refugee and host community members. These degrees are offered mostly through online/distance education modes with some face-to-face teaching implemented for examinations, practicums, remediation, and supplementary workshops.

Better teacher education, better teachers, and better educated children and youth in both the camps and Kenya are primary goals of this innovative approach, but so too is the effort to increase internal security and peace by providing extended opportunities for meaningful exchange through learning and study between the different populations of the region. Through the undergraduate degree, students explore a wider breadth of knowledge and theory in their disciplines, engaging in more academic writing, research, and analysis together.

Under the BHER ‘stackable’ model, study completed at the certificate/diploma level will be counted as the first or two years of study towards the undergraduate degrees affiliated with BHER (see below), with credit transfers awarded. However, the completion of a BHER certificate or diploma does not guarantee admission into a BHER-affiliated degree. Each undergraduate program will have its own eligibility requirements as set by the respective university admissions criterion.

General Objectives of BHER Undergraduate Programs:
→ Improve the quality of teaching in primary and secondary schools in Dadaab
→ Increase access to post-secondary education opportunities to both refugee and locals
→ Provide internationally-recognized degrees that enable students to seek employment or continued studies in Kenya, Somalia, beyond


Bachelor of Arts (BA) – York University (YU)

Credential: BA in Geography Studies (BA GEOG)
Conferred by: Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, YU
Duration: 2 years

Credential: BA in Educational Studies (BA EDST)
Conferred by: Faculty of Education, YU
Duration: 2 years.

Bachelor of Education (BEd) – Kenyatta University (KU)

Credential: BEd in Arts (BEd Arts)
Conferred by: School of Education, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, KU
Duration: 2 years

Credential: BEd in Sciences (BEd Sci)
Conferred by: School of Education, School of Pure and Applied Sciences, KU
Duration: 2 years

Credential: BEd in Primary Teacher Education (BEd PTE)
Conferred by: School of Education, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, KU
Duration: 2 years

Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Moi University (MU)

Credential: BSc in Community Health Education (BSc CHEd)
Conferred by: School of Nursing, MU
Duration: 2 years