The Dadaab Response Association (DRA) is a community-based organization that looks to lead research initiatives in the Dadaab region. The research is led and conducted by a team of qualified local and refugee researchers.

Our Vision
As DRA, we hope to fulfill any research needs by offering our skills, expertise, and time as academics and researchers to produce quality research that accurately reflects the refugee and host community in Dadaab, Kenya. Local, home-grown, and qualified refugee researchers can leverage their language skills and proximity to access people and spaces in order to produce comprehensive results that arguably surpass the capacity of short-term international researchers. Our larger vision as an organization led by both refugee and host community members, is to carry out research studies that will bring about positive changes in policy and practice on issues of displacement and migration.

Who We Are
The DRA was founded by graduates of BHER programs. Currently, our team is comprised of former and current BHER students, refugees and locals, with 40% women. Through graduate studies, we have gained considerable skills and experience in conducting research projects in Dadaab. We were previously commissioned by the Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium to carry out a research project about the impact of connected learning in Dadaab. Upon the formation of the Dadaab Response Association, we were also contacted by the Local Engagement Refugee Research Network (LERRN) and we are currently researching on the impact and protection measures of COVID-19 in Dadaab camps. 

Archive of Work
2020 to present – Research project on education in Dadaab camps (for LERRN)
2020 to 2021 – Working Papers Series on Education in Dadaab
2019 – Participatory Evaluation on Connected Learning Programs – Dadaab

Contact Us
If you are interested in conducting a research project in Dadaab or wish to learn more about the DRA, you can contact us at: