The final phase of BHER academic programs is the Graduate Degree.

The graduate program aims to contribute to the creation of a new generation of refugee and local academics, researchers, and teacher educators in Kenya, Somalia, and the larger Eastern Africa/Great Lakes region. As researchers, BHER graduate students will contribute new knowledge to the field of education and refugee studies from within the experience of forced migration. There is a significant gap in knowledge production and research with agendas set by refugees, for refugees. Through the masters’ credential offering in Dadaab, BHER is able to support refugees and locals so they themselves can research, write about, and engage critically with the challenges they face in their communities.


Conferred by: Faculty of Education, York University
Duration: 2 years


Primary (CES-E, DTE-P)
Secondary Stream (DTE-S)

Undergraduate Degree

BA in Geography
BA in Educational Studies
BEd Arts
BEd Science
BEd Primary Teacher Education
BSc Community Health Education

Graduate Degree

MEd in Language, Culture, & Teaching

Check out UNHCR’s feature on the BHER master’s program:

We have seen the positive effect that graduate-level education access can have on the entire educational pipeline in the camps. By offering a master’s program based in Dadaab, we reinforce the notion that high-quality education can happen in refugee communities, not just in urban centres like Nairobi or Toronto. We seek to build up a cadre of locally-based refugee scholars and researchers— university-trained professionals who can contribute to human capital development, strengthen education sector reform, participate in the growth of knowledge-based economies, and ultimately, support human security and nation-building within the region.