Academic programs of universities affiliated with BHER are offered to students organized in to “cohorts”, each of which accommodates up to 200 students and lasts 4-5 years. Current funding covers two cohorts; one to begin in 2013 and one in 2014. Each cohort will initially enroll in a university preparation program called the Increased access and Skills for Tertiary Education Program (InSTEP). Its purpose is to prepare prospective students for university education through courses in English Language for Academic Purposes, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Research Skills. Successful students will receive a non-credit Certificate.

Students who elect to proceed with their studies after completing InSTEP will be eligible apply to a Certificate or Diploma in Education, pursuing either a primary or secondary education stream. Graduates from these Certificate and Diploma programs may then apply to a Bachelor degree program offered by one or more of the BHER consortium universities, with their Education credits counted towards the requirements of the degree.

The following diagram depicts the BHER program structure.

BHER Model - updated April 2016

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