All course offerings in the BHER program are “stackable”, allowing students to earn a certificate or diploma at each level of study, incrementally building towards earning a degree. This means that the same students can continue beyond the teacher training certificate and diplomas, applying their “portable” earned credit towards full degree university programs.

Program Flow Chart:

WIK – Windle International Kenya, YU – York University, KU – Kenyatta University, UBC – University of British Columbia, MU – Moi University
See Partnership & Affiliates for full description of BHER university and INGO partners.

Note on Phase 1: In 2013 and 2014, BHER students enrolled in a 3-month university preparation program called Increased access and Skills for Tertiary Education Programs (InSTEP). Its purpose was to prepare prospective students for university education through courses in English Language for Academic Purposes, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Research Skills. Since 2017, the BHER Project phased out the InSTEP program as the project took a more long-term approach to onboarding students into tertiary learning that involved a year-long writing course, close mentorship with Teaching Assistants, and integrating academic skills into scaffolded assignments in courses. Course Directors worked together with project staff to support students over the entirety of their studies.