Under the BHER Project, York University offers the MEd in Language, Culture, and Teaching. See link and description below for program details.

Master of Education in Language, Culture, and Teaching (MEd)
Faculty of Education, YU

Duration: 2 years
Mode of Delivery: Online
Credits earned: 18 credits + Major Research Project (MRP)

Program Description
York University’s Faculty of Education is committed to developing innovative, responsive and sustainable academic and professional programs, seeking to enhance and diversify the delivery of and access to our programs and create structures that support ongoing and lifelong learning. Offering the MEd program in Dadaab is part of this vision. The philosophy and curriculum of the MEd program is grounded in critical thought with an underlying commitment to equity and social justice. Language, culture and teaching are broadly defined areas of study; however, interdisciplinary courses offer a range of opportunities for academic inquiry across the social, historical and cultural contexts of education, as well as engagement with contemporary practices of teaching, learning and curriculum design. Theoretical and practical interests include: anti-racist, multicultural, and feminist pedagogies; language and literacy; new information technologies; urban education and community studies; disability studies and education; global studies and international education; and post-secondary education.

Program structure
Students enrolled in the York University MEd under the BHER project will complete 18 credits during the first year of their graduate studies, then complete a Major Research Project in their second year. Students will complete courses online, meeting with lecturers in Canada via Zoom and working independently. Students are encouraged to remain in Dadaab for the first year of their studies; however, students will be able to complete their studies from anywhere they relocate to, provided they have strong network connection.  

Admissions criteria
In order to be considered for admission to the MEd offered by York University under the BHER project, applicants must meet the following criteria:
(1) Have graduated from secondary school and hold a KCSE or equivalent
(2) Have an undergraduate degree from York University, Moi University, Kenyatta University, or another accredited university approved by York University
(3) Have earned the equivalent of a York University B+ average for men, B average for women (GPA of 7 for men, 6 for women) in previous university-level studies