BHER Learning Centre Under Construction
Marangu Njogu (WTK) shows Don Dippo (York U) the overall plan for the BHER Learning Centre as WTK employees look on.

The BHER Learning Centre will provide a welcoming and rich learning environment for BHER students as they pursue their studies. It is anticipated that the first cohort of BHER students will use the Learning Centre facilities in the April 2014 term.

Its construction is being facilitated by Windle Trust Kenya (WTK) which is coordinating and managing all aspects of the construction process. The learning centre is being built on land donated by Kenyatta University (KU) and will be considered a KU campus. African Virtual University (AVU) will ensure that BHER Learning Centre facilities are compatible with the technological needs of prospective students.

In July 2013, York University (YU) BHER team members Don Dippo, Emily Antze and Negin Dahya visited the construction site and had a tour of the facilities. YU team members visited one of the classrooms (pictured left), where Marangu explained different aspects of the facility while members of the Dadaab UNHCR team looked on.

Computer Lab
YU BHER team member Don Dippo and Negin Dahya in the Hagadera Highscool Computer Lab with Hagadera staff members

The computer lab of Hagadera Secondary School with computers lining the walls, may be used as a venue to teach the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills module in the the December 2013 term of InSTEP.

For more information on how the BHER Project works please see the BHER Model, About BHER,  or the Feasibility Study.

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