Support BHER Students – Contribute to the Enabling Fund

The BHER Enabling Fund supports students who have no financial means to participate in the post-secondary programs offered by the BHER Consortium in Dadaab, Kenya.

As little as $10 CAD helps cover costs of transportation and food for a day of study at the BHER Learning Centre.

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The Need for the Enabling Fund

Distances from the Dadaab camps to the BHER Learning Centre are considerable and unsafe to be walked, raising security issues especially for women. Receiving support for transportation and food allows individual students to attend the kind of educational programs that they would otherwise be unable to access. While partners within the BHER Consortium have committed to a tuition-free education for Dadaab students, costs of transportation and a mid-day meal  are not currently covered.

While some students living in refugee camps have access to minimal “incentive” wages, these wages are barely sufficient to support themselves and their families.  Students from local communities may be paid at a slightly better rate however for both groups, going to school means taking away from the meagre income that supports their families.

What the Enabling Fund Does

The BHER Enabling Fund provides short-term financial assistance to students from the refugee camps and town of Dadaab, Kenya who have no financial means to participate in the post-secondary programs offered by the BHER Consortium.

We raise funds by soliciting institutional donors as well as by donations from individuals.

In the next five years, we plan to graduate close to 400 students in Education, Health, Science, Business, Public Administration, and Community Development. Graduates from these programs will improve the quality of education for more than 17,000 students in elementary and secondary schools, join the team of community health workers that serve the world largest refugee camp currently hosting close to 500,000 refugees, and provide other humanitarian assistance to fellow refugees in the camps.

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Please note: The Enabling Fund provides assistance to students from the Dadaab camps. BHER does not offer scholarships.