Media  – Dadaab Camps

Select media that provide context on the formation, history and status on the Dadaab, Kenya refugee camps.

November 2013 UNHCR Dadaab Camp Profiles November 2013
March 25, 2013 Dadaab Stories/FilmAid Dadaab Stories
June 20, 2012 BBC Dadaab Refugee Camp Video
July 12, 2012 BBC Dadaab life in pictures: Actors and millionaires
November 2012 UNHCR Dadaab Camp Profiles November 2012
March 24, 2011 The Guardian Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya, 20 years on – in pictures
2010 Laura-Ashley Wright The Case of Refugee Education in Kenya: An Analysis of Kakuma and Dadaab
December 19, 2008 The Toronto Star The Refugees of Dadaab – Video
2004 Jennifer Hyndman Book Chapter: “Refugee Camps as Conflict Zones: The Politics of Gender” in Sites of Violence: Gender and Conflict Zones. Co-edited by Wenona Giles and Jennifer Hyndman. Berkley: U of California Press

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