1. Q: Is class attendance required in CES-E courses? Will I be able to pass my courses if I do not attend classes?

A: In the CES-E program, most courses do not have exams. Rather, marks are earned through in-class assignments, group work and essays. It will be impossible for students to pass these courses without regular daily attendance and respect for class timings. Students enrolled in this program must be sure to communicate any absences with their instructors prior to class time.

2. Q: After completing CES-E, will students be registered, certified teachers in Kenya?

A: In Kenya, teachers are registered by the Teachers’ Service Commission of Kenya. The CES-E (Elementary) is not officially recognized by the Commission, although the CES-E may lead to a Diploma in Teacher Education (Primary) with further study. CES-E prepares its participants to be effective educators to students enrolled in elementary level (Standard 1-8) while offering them opportunities for rich reading, writing, course discussion and critical thought.