Diploma in Teacher Education – Secondary

Program dates:

Cohort 1, Sciences: August 2014- July 2016

Cohort 1, Social Sciences and Humanities: August 2014-July 2017

Cohort 2, Social Sciences and Humanities: August 2015-July 2017

Program structure: The program has 30 courses that add up to 60 Credits/Units; running in six school holiday sessions and two practicum sessions.

Delivering institution: University of British Columbia (UBC) and Moi University jointly deliver the program, with Moi University conferring the Diploma.

The program:

The School of Education at Moi University and the Faculty of Education at UBC will deliver the Diploma in Teacher Education – Secondary (DTE-S). The main objective of the Program is to equip the teacher with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes critical to the teaching profession. For Cohort 2 students admitted in 2015, the program will be offered on-site in Dadaab through full-time intensive study in August, December and April of 2015-2017, when schools are not in session, to allow individuals currently serving as teachers to study. Practicum will take place during May – July starting in 2016 and 2017. Most students will need to take leave from other workplaces during this period in order to accommodate full-time teaching practice placements.

Teaching subjects

Students applying to DTE-S need to have two teaching subjects. The following subjects are offered.

Mode of delivery

UBC and Moi University deliver the courses in Dadaab using principally face-to-face methods (including distance pre-session assignments), with some online teaching methodologies. Students have an opportunity to work directly with staff from the institutions visiting Dadaab for short intensive teaching terms.

Schedule and Courses Offered

All students take ten courses together and one practicum each year (for a total of 2). In addition, each student has two teaching subjects. Subject area content courses and subject area methods are spread across the terms to allow for various combinations of teachable subjects. Therefore some students may have a lighter term while some others may have a heavier term and the reverse will be true for another term.

Credential earned:

Students who complete DTE-S earn a Diploma in Education-Secondary from Moi University/UBC, and are issued a transcript that shows they have successfully completed 60-credit University courses from Moi University. This is a recognized Kenyan teacher credential.

Frequently Asked Questions

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