Credential: Diploma in Teacher Education – Secondary (DTE-S)
Conferred by: School of Education, Moi University (MU) with course contributions from University of British Columbia (UBC)
Duration: 2 years
Mode of delivery: Blended
Credits earned: 60 credits (30 courses)

Program Description
The Diploma in Teacher Education (Secondary) is delivered jointly by the School of Education at Moi University and the Faculty of Education at University of British Columbia. The main objective of this program is to equip the secondary teacher with knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes critical to the teaching profession. The program has been designed with faculty from Kenya and Canada to support the inclusion of local curriculum content as well as the needs of the community. Within the DTE-S, students will go into the Humanities or Sciences stream depending on their subject specialization. Students will complete courses in educational foundations (core courses), teaching subjects, and practicums to earn the DTE-S, a teaching credential recognized by the Teachers’ Service Commission of Kenya.

Credit Transfer
Over the course of two years, MU and UBC jointly offer courses to DTE-S students. Students are enrolled in both institutions, but because the credential is conferred by MU, UBC courses are transferred to MU upon their completion.

Students who successfully complete the DTE-S and meet the minimum KCSE score are invited to apply to undergraduate degree programs within the BHER consortium. Those who successfully complete the diploma, but have low KCSE scores will be eligible to apply to BHER institutions that do not require a KCSE minimum.

Timeline & Mode of Delivery
DTE-S is offered over 2 years, running courses in 6 school holiday sessions and 2 practicum sessions. UBC and Moi University deliver the courses in Dadaab using principally face-to-face methods with some online teaching methodologies. On-site courses will be offered through full-time intensive study in August, December, and April when schools are not in session. Practicum sessions will take place during May – July (students working full-time will need to take leave to accommodate for the full-time placements).