Diploma in Teacher Education – Primary

Program Dates:

Cohort 1: September 2015-July 2016

Cohort 2: September 2016-July 2017

Program structure: Fourteen courses (units) offered over the course of eleven months.

Delivering institution: Kenyatta University

The program: The Diploma in Teacher Education (Primary) (DTE-P) is delivered by the School of Education at Kenyatta University. It is offered via online distance mode from September through July of 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.

This is a one-year program that “stacks” on to the CES-E program; students must first complete CES-E with York University before being considered for admission to DTE-P at Kenyatta University. Their course credits from CES-E will be transferred into the DTE-P program, allowing them to graduate from DTE-P with a two-year diploma after one year of further study following CES-E.

The Kenyatta University School of Education Diploma program on diploma

Mode of delivery:

The DTE-P program will be offered under BHER via online distance mode. Students are provided with tablet computers which are used to receive course materials, prepare and submit course work and interact with other students and the course instructors. All courses are instructed by Kenyatta University faculty.

Schedule and courses offered

Students will be completing up to seven courses in each term, which is a full-time program of study. Because of the flexibility offered by the online/distance mode of study some students may find they are able to continue working during their program of study. However, ample time will need to be set aside to complete course work.

Credential earned

Students completing this program earn a Diploma in Teacher Education (Primary) from KU, which is a Kenyan-recognized qualification.

Frequently Asked Questions

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