Credential: Diploma in Teacher Education – Primary (DTE-P)
Conferred by: School of Education, Kenyatta University (KU)
Duration: 1 year
Mode of delivery: Blended (Online via KUSOMA and face-to-face invigilated exams in Dadaab)
Credits earned: 10-12 units (or 10-12 courses)

Program Description
The Diploma in Teacher Education (Primary) is delivered by the School of Education at Kenyatta University. The administration of the program is supported both by the School of Education as well as the Digital School of Virtual and Open Learning. DTE-P is a program intended for untrained refugee teachers in Dadaab who have completed the York University CES-E. Units offered in the DTE-P are existing units in the School of Education at KU that will: (1) Support untrained teachers in developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities that will help them become effective educators at the primary school level; and (2) equip them with a credential recognized by local education authorities (Teachers’ Service Commission of Kenya). The program features a combination of educational foundations and subject-specialization courses. The units offered in the DTE-P incorporate current theory and local knowledge that is in line with the Kenyan national school curriculum.

Credit Transfer
The DTE-P is a one-year program that “stacks” on to the CES-E program. Students must first complete CES-E with York University and present the minimum KCSE score before being considered for admission to DTE-P at Kenyatta University. Course credits from CES-E will be transferred into the DTE-P program, allowing them to graduate from DTE-P with a two-year diploma.

All courses offered in the CES-E by the Faculty of Education at YU are at the degree-level. The term ‘certificate’ in the YU context refers to the quantity of courses earned (30 credits in 1 year as opposed to 90-120 credits over 4 years in a degree), not the quality of the course content. For those in the Kenyan context, please note that ‘degree-level’ courses are being transferred from the CES-E into the DTE-P.

Students who successfully complete the DTE-P and meet the minimum KCSE score are invited to apply to undergraduate degree programs within the BHER consortium. Those who successfully complete the diploma, but have low KCSE scores will be eligible to apply to BHER institutions that do not require a KCSE minimum.  

Timeline & Mode of Delivery
The DTE-P is a one-year program that is primarily offered via online distance mode. Students are provided with tablet computers from KU which are used to receive course materials, prepare and submit course work and interact with other students and the course instructors. While the bulk of course content is delivered online, Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) and final examinations are completed during on-site sessions with in-person invigilation. Depending on their subject area, students will complete up to 7 courses per term, with the summer term dedicated to practicum.