1. Q: Is class attendance required in DTE-S courses? Will I be able to pass my courses if I do not attend classes?

A: In the DTE-S program, if students fail to attend 20% or more of the scheduled contact hours, students will be deemed to have not fulfilled the course requirements and will not be allowed to sit the final exam. Students enrolled in this program must be sure to communicate any absences with their instructors prior to class time.

2. Q: After completing the DTE-S program, will students be registered, certified teachers in Kenya?

A: In Kenya, teachers are registered by the Teachers’ Service Commission of Kenya. It is anticipated that the Diploma in Teacher Education (Secondary) will be recognized by the Commission, which is a separate, independent entity. However, a Diploma in Teacher Education does not constitute Kenyan teacher certification on its own; rather, graduates of the Diploma must apply to be registered by the Commission. Approval of certification may depend on KCSE scores, immigration status, or other criteria, which are beyond the control of the BHER project. The BHER project partners cannot guarantee that their graduates will be granted Kenyan teacher registration; however we can assure all DTE-S students that the Diploma they will earn is a legitimate academic credential, which consists of university credits that are recognized nationally and internationally.