Researching the Gap

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Researching the Gap Between the Existing and Potential Community Health Worker Education and Training in the Refugee Context: An Intersectoral Approach By F. Beryl Pilkington & Isabella Mbai Executive Summary The problem addressed through this research is the scarcity of … Continued

IDRC Policy Brief

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An Education Model for Building Health Care Capacity in Protracted Refugee Contexts  By F. Beryl Pilkington, Isabella Mbai, Judith Mangeni, & Izzeldin Abuelaish The refugee population in Africa continues to grow as more and more people destabilized by wars and … Continued

Dadaab 101

Dadaab is a town located in the northeastern region of Kenya, roughly 90 kilometers east from the Kenyan-Somali border. In 1992, refugee camps were established in Dadaab as a temporary shelter for 90,000 civilians fleeing the civil war in Somalia. … Continued