1. Do BHER students pay any fees?

BHER programs charge no fees to students for enrollment or instruction and seek to support their students as well as possible. However, students may need to deploy personal resources in order to meet personal costs incurred while studying (such as transportation, childcare, accommodation, food, writing materials, etc.).

2. After completing these programs, will students be entitled to work in Kenya?

If your immigration status does not entitle you to work in Kenya, a Certificate, Diploma or Degree earned through BHER will not alter that immigration status.

3. Are these programs open to individuals in Dadaab who want to study at University, but may not want to work as teachers in the future?

Students applying to the CES-E and DTE-P programs must commit to a study of education for at least one academic year. The program has been designed to accommodate the schedules of working teachers, and non-teaching students may be required to spend time in schools or other educational environments in order to complete course requirements. However, credits earned in the CES-E and DTE-P programs can later be applied to three and four-year University degrees, which BHER partner universities will offer in a range of disciplines beyond education.

4. What if a BHER student repatriates, resettles abroad or otherwise relocate during the course of her or his studies in the program?

Generally, the Certificate and Diploma programs are primarily delivered in a classroom setting, making it challenging to continue the program located elsewhere. Requests to accommodate students that repatriate or resettle in the course of the Certificate and Diploma programs will be considered on a case by case basis by the institutions offering these programs. However, some of the credit courses upon completion may be transferred to another program. Sometimes universities will accept a limited number of outside credits as electives into their degree or diploma programs, depending on the university and on how applicable those credits are to that program. It is expected that the degree programs will be offered primarily in an online/distance format.